How to Do Keyword Research for SEO in 5 Minutes

In this video you will learn exactly how to do keyword research for your website in only 5 minutes. I go over my exact keyword research process that has brought me and my clients 1000s of visitors.¬† Keyword research is the foundation for any SEO campaign so it is very important to know the basics. It’s easier than you think, and by choosing the right keywords you can start to see increases¬† in website traffic very quickly. Watch the video and learn how you can start improving your rankings and traffic right now!

Hi, guys. This is Jeff Oxford from I’m going to teach you
exactly how to do keyword research in five minutes. So let’s go ahead and
get started.

What we want to do is find what we call keyword gems. These are keywords
that have a high amount of monthly searches, low keyword competition, and
that are relevant to your website.

So first we want to find keywords that have a high amount of monthly
searches, and we do this using the Google keyword tool. In Google enter
“Google keyword tool,” and it’s usually the first result. I’m going to open
it up. This would give us data on each keyword and how many searches there
are per month based on Google’s search engine.

Before we get started, we want to make sure we set our match type to Exact
to get the exact number of monthly searches for the keyword. Then we’re
going to start entering in keywords. For this example, I’m going to be
looking at keyword research related to SEO software and SEO tools. I only
want results that have these keywords in the keyword phrase, so I’m going
to check that box, but you don’t always have to do this. Then, I’m just
going to hit Search, making sure I’m on the Keyword Ideas tab.

All right. So it’s already pulled in data. There are a few columns here
that you need to learn about. These are just the keywords that are found
based on my initial keywords.

Competition, this is not search engine competition. This is pay-per-click
competition and is not very accurate when you’re looking at it form an SEO
perspective. I’ll be showing you a more accurate way of getting the
competition of each keyword later.

Global monthly searches is how many searches there are worldwide. Local
monthly searches is how many searches there are based on these parameters
up here. This would be for the United States, English, and only on desktops
and laptops.

Now that we have all this data, we want to download into Excel. You’re
going to hit Download, All Search Results, and now we have an easy to work
with spreadsheet right here. We’re going to delete competition for reasons
I mentioned earlier, and I’ll show you how to find the competition later.
This tool is available worldwide, so we’re going to get rid of the United
States and just focus on global. Now we’re just going to add one more
column for competition.

The last thing I like to do, before pasting it in, is get rid of these
square brackets, which makes it a lot easier to copy and paste these into
the Keyword Inspector. So we’re going to do Ctrl+F for find and replace.
Click Replace, enter left bracket, replace all, right bracket, replace all,
and now we’re good to go.

Next, what we want to do is go to, if you haven’t already.
Click Get Access Now to get access to the Keyword Inspector, which is a
free and very accurate keyword analysis tool. Once you log in, you’ll be
brought to this screen right here, and just click on the image to load the
Keyword Analysis tool.

Now we just want to start copy and pasting keywords into Google. Before we
do that, we want to sort by highest amount of monthly searches. We’re going
to right click, go to sort, and sort largest to smallest. We’re just going
to start copying these in and pasting them and see how competitive they

The way this tool works is it goes into Google and it grabs the top 10
search results for that keyword. It then looks at how competitive it is
based on the PageRank, the lengths, and a few other factors that you can
learn about just by hovering over it.

If you’re not on the front page of Google, you miss out on over 95% of the
clicks. So it’s very important that you’re on the front page for a keyword
you’re ranking for, otherwise it’s not worth going after. The tool is now
done and it gave us a score of 71, which is extremely difficult. So we’re
going to go back to our spreadsheet, hit 71, and what I’d recommend doing
is going down the list for either 20 or 30, or until you have enough good

Obviously, the lower competition, the better, and the higher the monthly
searches, the better, but there is a trade-off. As you do this, it’ll take
a few minutes because the keyword tool takes about 10 seconds or so to load
for each query, but it’s good. It’s important to spend your time up front
and make sure that you have keywords that do have high monthly searches and
low competition. This will ensure you’re getting a good amount of traffic,
without spending too much time or money link-building.

That’s really all there is to it. There are a few other things you can read
online, but as far the basics go, this is about it. Go ahead and enter some
keywords in. Try to find keywords that have a lot of monthly searches and
low competition, and you’re one step closer to bringing more traffic to
your website. That’s all for today.

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